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Hey there, I'm Holly!

I'm so glad you are visiting my blog! Here's a little more about me:

*Midwestern girl by heart (Cleveland ROCKS!)
*Currently living in San Diego
*32 years young
*Proud Navy girlfriend
*Lover of coffee, fitness, running, baseball, ice cream, traveling, donuts, breakfast food, beer, family, music, God, sushi, wine, cheesecake, & inspiring others


I started running in 2012 and it changed my life. While I don’t run races nearly as much as I used to, I am fully focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through fitness & healthy-ish eating (come on, I do love me some ice cream!).

On my blog, you'll find:

*Inspiration for fitness & life
*Plans for my fitness goals to stay accountable
*Tips to get you motivated
*Real life moments, adventures, struggles, and random thoughts

You won't find body shaming or medical advice here. I'm no fitness expert, just a girl who fell in love with running & fitness who wants to share her love with everyone else!