Weekly Workouts [week 271]

Weekly Workouts [week 271]

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Week 3 of LIIFT4 is done!! I am going to increase my weights this week by going to the gym in the mornings now :) Hopefully I’ll start to see more changes soon!!!

Week 271

Monday, 10.29: Week 3, Day 1: Chest+Triceps (50/50)—WOOF. This was hard, especially because I still have some Vertigo so wasn’t sure I’d make it through the HIIT part. Thankfully I did. And Fit Barre class tonight was a rough one, too!

Tuesday, 10.30: Week 3, Day 2: Back+Biceps (Circuit)—Did this one after work because I had an early day at work. I must have overdid it on the abs yesterday because they were SCREAMING today!! But it was a good feeling!

Wednesday, 10.31: Rested this morning, which was such a nice break. My class that was scheduled for tonight got canceled, so I did some stretching & foam rolling at home.

Thursday, 11.1: Week 3, Day 3: Shoulders (Intervals)—I can’t wait to go to the gym next week & increase my weights, I feel like that will up my game even more for these workouts!!! But today was a good day. And the Kettlebell Fire class tonight was brutal—lots of cardio, but I made it through!!

Friday, 11.2: Week 3, Day 4: Legs (50/50)—almost skipped this, but I pushed through and did ALL of the workouts, even the HIIT portion, and sweat like a maniac!!!

Saturday, 11.3: Rested.

Sunday, 11.4: Rested.


*Haven’t run in 2 weeks. Not sure if that’s good or bad…but right now it’s OK.

*My abs were on fire all week and I LOVED it :)


Here's this week's schedule:

Week 272

Monday, 11.5: Week 4, Day 1: Chest+Triceps (Circuit) / Fit Barre class.
Tuesday, 11.6: Week 4, Day 2: Back+Biceps (50/50).
Wednesday, 11.7: Rest+recovery / Total Body Bar class.
Thursday, 11.8: Week 4, Day 3: Shoulders (Intervals) / Kettlebell Fire class.
Friday, 11.9: Week 4, Day 4: Legs (HIIT).
Saturday, 11.10: Rest & Recovery.
Sunday, 11.11: Rest & Recovery.

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!

Weekly Workouts [week 272]

Weekly Workouts [week 272]

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