Weekly Workouts [week 274]

Weekly Workouts [week 274]

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Overall it was a pretty great week!! I over ate a little on the weekend, but that’s what holidays are for, right? :)

Week 274

Monday, 11.19: Week 6, Day 1: Chest+Triceps (circuit)—I love circuit days because that means I don’t have to jump around :) But it was definitely a tough workout!!! And Fit Barre class tonight was good, taught by Rachel who only does mornings now and I miss her! So it was great to go to one of her classes again :)

Tuesday, 11.20: Week 6, Day 2: Back+Biceps (50/50)—For some reason I was really nervous about HIIT today. I don’t know if I just knew I couldn’t jump around so I was dreading that, or what. But thankfully it was a GREAT workout & I worked up a pretty awesome sweat, haha.

Wednesday, 11.21: Week 6, Day 3: Shoulders (Intervals)—done and dusted!! Really pushed myself with the shoulders today and it felt really good!!

Thursday, 11.22: Ran the Turkey Dash 5K with my family—I ran side by side with my 6 1/2 year old niece so it was a lot slower than I usually run, but so much more fun :)

Friday, 11.23: Rest & Recovery—well deserved.

Saturday, 11.24: Week 6, Day 4: Legs (HIIT)—Got up and did this in the small hotel gym before a long day of touristing around Cooperstown with my family. I really pushed it because I don’t get to jump this much at my apartment so it felt AWESOME to do a lot of the moves fully instead of modified!!!

Sunday, 11.25: Rest & Recovery—another good day to rest!


*My left knee has gotten very sore. I am blaming tendonitis but it really affected my over the weekend where I couldn’t walk well up stairs.

*Didn’t miss any of my workouts this week!!
*My hotel gym workout on Saturday morning was killer and I’m proud of myself for that!


Here's this week's schedule:

Week 275

Monday, 11.26: Week 7, Day 1: Chest+Triceps (circuit) / Fit Barre class.
Tuesday, 11.27: Week 7, Day 2: Back+Biceps (50/50).
Wednesday, 11.28: Rest+Recovery / Total Body Bar class.
Thursday, 11.29: Week 7, Day 3: Shoulders (Intervals) / Kettlebell Fire class.
Friday, 11.30: Week 7, Day 4: Legs (HIIT).
Saturday, 12.1: A Christmas Story’ 5K!
Sunday, 12.2: Reindeer Run 5K!

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!

2018 Races: #12 - Turkey Trot 5K!

2018 Races: #12 - Turkey Trot 5K!

Self care.

Self care.