Weekly Workouts [week 276]

Weekly Workouts [week 276]

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I loved LIIFT4 so much that I’m starting over again from Week 1!! :)

Week 276

Monday, 12.3: Week 8, Day 1: Chest+Back (circuit)—Wasn’t feeling 100% today with my cold, but thankfully I got through this and felt strong!!! Ended the night with Fit Barre class which felt pretty good, despite still not feeling well.

Tuesday, 12.4: Rested today due to a sinus infection.

Wednesday, 12.5: Week 8, Day 2: Legs (50/50)—I slept in a little in the morning so I didn’t get to this until the evening. But I am SO glad I was feeling better enough to knock this out!! It was a tough one and I totally worked up the sweat!!!!

Thursday, 12.6: Week 8, Day 3: Shoulders+Arms (circuit)—It feels SO good to feel better :) I got this done early and my body loved me for it!!! I also was able to make it to my Kettlebell Fire class for the first time in 3 weeks which felt great!

Friday, 12.7: Week 8, Day 4: Full Body (HIIT)—Got this great workout in after work and it felt SO GOOD!!! I’m so proud of making it through the last 8 weeks of this program :))))))

Saturday, 12.8: Got up early and went to an 8am Stretch & Tone class. I rarely go to this class and I always seem to forget how hard it is. You wouldn’t think so by the title, but the toning part is HARD!!!! But I am proud that I went and kicked my weekend off :)

Sunday, 12.9: Rest+Recovery, because my body needed it after a few days of hard work!


*Was fighting a sinus infection earlier in the week, so I had to cancel Barre and Total Body Bar which I was sad about.

*I didn’t have to truly skip all my workouts for LIIFT4, which is great!!
*Went to an 8am Saturday class which felt great!


Here's this week's schedule:

Week 277

Monday, 12.10: Week 1, Day 1: Chest+Triceps (50/50) / Fit Barre class.
Tuesday, 12.11: Week 1, Day 2: Back+Biceps (circuit).
Wednesday, 12.12: Rest+Recovery.
Thursday, 12.13: Week 1, Day 3: Shoulders (Intervals).
Friday, 12.14: Week 1, Day 4: Legs (50/50).
Saturday, 12.15: Stretch & Tone class / Kettlebell class.
Sunday, 12.16: Rest+Recovery.

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!

Weekly Workouts [week 277]

Weekly Workouts [week 277]

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