2018 Races: #4 - Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!

2018 Races: #4 - Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!



My Goals:
Great: 1:57-2:00
Awesome: 1:54-1:57

Chip Time:

This was a GREAT race!

To be very honest, I did not feel as ready for this race as I wanted to. I have been burnt out from running for about a month--I never ran more than 5 miles until last week and I rarely was excited to go out for a training run. It makes me sad because I really love running still....but my body just hasn't been feeling it lately :-\

So, anyway, I was kind of dreading this race for a few reasons....

1) I didn't feel prepared.
2) I have been feeling bloated & heavy which makes for a harder run.
3) The weather forecast was NOT pretty (snow on Saturday, very windy and chilly on Sunday).

I got into DC on Saturday late morning and headed to my hotel then the Expo to grab my bib & shirt. I spent some time there, which I love doing, and then got to meet up with Tracy!! I love meeting up with friends when I travel--chances are, if I know you and I am going near a place where you live, I will try to reach out and visit :)


I spent most of Saturday walking, but only leisurely. It was cloudy & cold, but thankfully NOT raining or snowing like it was supposed to. So I decided after brunch with Tracy that I would head to the National Mall to take some pictures. There were TONS of people out there which I expected, and it was nice because the Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom--they looked GORGEOUS!! I don't know if I've ever seen them this pretty! I FaceTimed my sister & niece while I was there because my niece wanted to see the monuments so that was cute. Maybe one day they will come with me!

I decided I needed dinner before I went back to my hotel because otherwise I was NOT leaving my room, lol, so I got a burrito from District Taco & spent the rest of the night laying on my hotel bed resting, which was a GREAT decision! My legs were aching and I was nervous that they wouldn't feel good the next day. Thankfully that was not the case!

Sunday I woke up early to make sure I was at the starting line in time. It was FREEZING!!!! 33 degrees but felt like 28 I think. BLAH :( But it was clear and would be sunny later so I didn't want to overdress--I left my gloves in the hotel room which was probably a poor decision but I survived. Once I made my way to the corral I found my grade school friend Laura! We haven't seen each other since we were about 7!! It was amazing to see her and start the race together. She's in Florida now so she was even colder than me, haha!


Once we started running, I got a lot warmer & was feeling good. Like...REALLY good!! I was actually surprised at how good I felt! The first few miles are always crowded, but with this race the crowds never really spread out because of how large it is. I ran about 4.5 miles without stopping to walk which I felt very happy about! And once I got into my walk/run routine, I decided to walk at every mile marker for only .2 or .3 miles (depending on how I felt). Well, clearly I felt really REALLY good....because my splits were incredibly even!! Take a look below, along with some pretty blossoms:

Not sure WHAT I was feeling in mile 3, but gosh...that feels AMAZING to see my fastest mile time EVER in the middle of a race!!!!

Not sure WHAT I was feeling in mile 3, but gosh...that feels AMAZING to see my fastest mile time EVER in the middle of a race!!!!

I am really happy that even when I was feeling sluggish I still kept pushing to that mile marker. I just remember telling myself that I could do this--this was just like Personal Training when he pushes me through a tough workout, or when I've run my training runs faster and faster....I got through those and I could get through this! My mindset was just completely different in a great way for this race. I am so thankful for that and want to continue to channel that energy throughout the rest of this year!

I teared up heading to the finish line, which I usually do at long distances races. It's just amazing to me still how our bodies can do SO much that we didn't ever think we were capable of. I feel very blessed to have been able to run this race 4 years now, and that this was my best one yet!!! :)


I don't know how long I will be able to keep running this race, but I'll sign up for the lottery every year that I can. And if you are even slightly interested in this, I HIGHLY recommend that you sign up for the lottery later in December!! It is all so worth it!!

Self love.

Self love.

New layout, same Holly :)

New layout, same Holly :)