2018 Races: #9 - Inside the Park Homerun 4-Miler!

2018 Races: #9 - Inside the Park Homerun 4-Miler!



My Goals:
Great: 34:01-36:00
Awesome: 32:00-34:00

Chip Time:
5K: 33:51 / 4-miler total: 47:07

This was an AWESOME race!

Because my 5K time was pretty awesome! The mile-ish inside was only for fun because of running up the ramps to the top of the stadium, but still ;)

I love this race. I love that we have the ability to run on the Cleveland Indians field, since I am such a huge Indians fan :-D And I love that I run this with my dad....that is the most special part of any race :)

The race course itself is pretty easy and flat which I'm thankful for. We started outside the stadium and ran 3 miles around the city to come back and start running UP the ramps leading to the top level of the stadium. Then we ran around to the other set of ramps running down into the clubhouse so we could run onto the field. Running on the field is actually a LOT longer than people think it is, but it was so fun to run on that warning track :)

The only thing I'll complain a little about this race is that it's supposed to be 4 miles and my watch only tracked 3.72--it was only at 3.04 when the 5K marker was hit, so that was a little disappointing. But not surprising since this race group usually has shorter routes/cuts corners on certain routes. It is what it is.

Also, the medals were really cool! They haven't had medals in a few years, so it was fun to get one again--this one had the ball moving up and down like it was being caught in the glove! Very creative!


Again, let me just say that I love running this race, and all others, with my dad. He is the one who got me started running and always encourages me to keep going. I am a much faster runner than him now, and I run more frequently, but he never hesitates to agree to run a race with me every time I ask. We might just start the race and I wait for him at the finish, but it's still special to run "together". He's pretty awesome and I'm so thankful for this special bond we have!


Do you run races with anyone in particular, or do you prefer to run alone?

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