2018 Races: #10 - End of Summer 4 Mile Run!

2018 Races: #10 - End of Summer 4 Mile Run!



My Goals:
Great: 45:01 - 47:00
Awesome: 43:00 - 45:00

Chip Time:

This was an AWESOME race!

This was the first race that I did with my boyfriend AND my first California run! I am so glad I signed us up! It was a pretty uneventful race, but fun nonetheless.

We got there pretty early because we needed to get our race bibs and didn't know how busy it would be. But I like getting to races early so it was fine to just wait around. The lady singing the National Anthem forgot the words halfway through so she started again and we all sang with her when she forgot them again--she was so respectful about it, AND she had a beautiful voice, but the whole thing just made me giggle and also feel grateful for the running community :)


The announcer kept promoting that the race was a fast, flat course. They kept boasting that it was super flat with a downhill at the end. It was mostly flat, but there were definitely some uphills that weren't fun--not extreme, just not easy. However, I felt REALLY great running and walked a little at every mile marker only...no other walking!!

Running next to Andy was so fun and helpful--he is so much faster than me, but he stayed with me the whole time. And at the finish line I got a surge of energy and I sprinted ahead of him, haha. It was great to cross that finish line together....something I rarely get to do with others who I know!!! :)

After the race we got our race shirts, which I thought was weird to get those after but they are nice shirts and we wore them the rest of the day. Then we grabbed our beer! Unlike other races with beer after, they made us go into the actual bar to get our beer and drink it in there. We each got 2 free small beers; they had SO many on tap but we weren't sure which ones we could get. They also only have 2 bartenders for 1,200 people....so that was rather chaotic. But we got our 2 beers and enjoyed them there before heading back home.

I am grateful for Andy and the running community in general. I cannot wait to explore more races and keep running around the San Diego area!!! :)


Have you run races in different cities/states than where you are from?
Is there anything really different about them that throws you off?

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