June 2018 Fitness Recap

June 2018 Fitness Recap

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June 2018


*Attempt a pull-up once a week.
I did not do this, not even once. Oh well.


*Do 10 push-ups every day.
I am happy to say that I did this!! Sometimes I did more if I had a workout class, but this happened!!

*Complete a 30-Day Plank Challenge.
I got to day 27 and didn't make it past the 3:30 plank. So I didn't officially complete it, but overall wasn't terrible this time around. I'll do it again in the fall!

*BONUS: Run a 30 minute 3-miler!!
Not yet....


Days Worked Out
[6 of those days were two-a-days]
Not a terrible month overall, but not great for running.

Miles Ran
7.29 miles
Total Mileage: 156.04/600

Races Ran
#7: MurdeRUNo 5K!
Total in 2018: 7/12

*I did a morning workout every day for a week!! That's really a big milestone lately since I've been lazy, haha.

Weight at Month's End
??? lbs. (I haven't weighed myself in a few weeks...)


July Goals:
*Give up coffee for a month.
*Follow my cutting plan 5-6 days a week.
*Start & finish the Kettlebell 4-week Challenge.
*BONUS: Run a 30 minute 3-miler!!

How was your June?
Do you have any big goals for July?

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