August 2018 Fitness Recap

August 2018 Fitness Recap

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August 2018


*Drop to 175lbs.
I am at 176....just one pound shy. Which I am fine with, because I can tell I am [slowly] losing fat and gaining muscle. Still, not counting this as completed.

*Workout every day in San Diego.
Done!!! So proud that I was able to get out and run at least 1 mile every day, plus do some weights at home.

*Do 10 push-ups every day + 1 minute planks.
Totally didn't do this. I'm annoyed with myself because it's SO EASY TO DO, but whatever. I will do it in September!!!

*BONUS: Run a 30 minute 3-miler!!
Not yet. Hopefully someday....

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Days Worked Out
[13 of those days were two-a-days]
Talk about a killer month!!! I am SO proud of myself for doing so well this month with my workouts, AND for keeping up with my run streak!!!

Miles Ran
42.93 miles
Total Mileage: 237.53/600

Races Ran
#10: End of Summer 4 mile run!
Total in 2018: 10/12

*Ran a 44:20 4-miler race which I'm pretty sure is one of my best races!! AND I got to run it with my awesome boyfriend ;)
*Ran an average mile time of 10:04 on 8/31--one of my fastest mile times ever!!!

Weight at Month's End
176 lbs.


September Goals:
*PR my half at the River Run
[less than 2:39].
*Follow The Macro Challenge 6/7 days during the week
[starting 9/10].
*Do 10 push-ups & 1 minute planks every day.
*Finish AFAA Certification & pass exam.
*BONUS: Run a 30 minute 3-miler!!

How was your August?
Do you have any big goals for September?

Weekly Workouts [week 262]

Weekly Workouts [week 262]

2018 Races: #10 - End of Summer 4 Mile Run!

2018 Races: #10 - End of Summer 4 Mile Run!