Weekly Workouts [week 256]

Weekly Workouts [week 256]

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I am SO PROUD OF MYSELF for doing a morning workout every day last week!!! That was a HUGE accomplishment, and I'm still going!!! :-D

Week 256

Monday, 7.16: Week 1, Day 1: Kettlebell Workout--proud of myself for getting up and doing this!! I sweat a lot :-P And I made it to Fit Barre even after a long day of work and not getting home until 15 minutes before class!!

Tuesday, 7.17: Week 1, Day 2: Bodyweight HIIT--almost skipped this, but definitely pushed myself to get it done and I am SO glad :) Gotta build the habit back up again!! After work I skipped my run so I could go to ice cream with my friend, which is totally fine because I can do my run on Friday :)

Wednesday, 7.18: Week 1, Day 3: Kettlebell Shred--I forgot how much this killed me last time, but it felt great to sweat early! After work, I pushed myself to run 4.03 miles outside in 49:52...a little sluggish and I walked a lot towards the end, but I STILL DID IT!! :)

Thursday, 7.19: Week 1, Day 4: Cardio Tabata + Kettlebell Standing Abs--I reeeeeally didn't want to do this today, but I knew I would be mad if I skipped. Also, I don't remember doing these workouts at all last time...they were good!! Went to my Kettlebell class after work which rocked. Also walked about 1 mile to and from a local BBQ & Blues festival!

Friday, 7.20: Week 1, Day 5: Fat Burning + Toning Kettlebell--I switched and did this one today instead of tomorrow because I woke up too late to get a longer workout in. REALLY glad I have this sweat-inducing workout to keep me going!! After work, it rained a lot but I was able to squeeze in a 1.57 mile run outside in 17:27. Not my best, but I did it.

Saturday, 7.21: Week 1, Day 6: Kettlebell HIIT--got it done before breakfast!!! Super happy that I pushed myself so much this week to get these workouts in. No run today because of the rainy weather.

Sunday, 7.22: Got out finally and ran 4.07 miles in 46:47! Not too bad considering I was a lazy butt all day :) Had to wait for the rain to stop, but it was a little cooler which was nice!


*Skipped my run on Tuesday.
*Despite doing great with my workouts, I still feel fluffy and I'm annoyed. I know I need to stop eating extra junk stuff so I'm hoping to stop that this week.

*Did a morning workout EVERY DAY this week!!! :-D
*Ran outside on Sunday around the rain clouds!! It was so nice to just get out and run :)



Here's this week's schedule:

Week 257

Monday, 7.23: Week 2, Day 1: Kettlebell Combo / Fit Barre class.
Tuesday, 7.24: Week 2, Day 2: Cardio Tabata / 4 miles.
Wednesday, 7.25: Week 2, Day 3: Kettlebell Legs + Arms / 4 miles.
Thursday, 7.26: Week 2, Day 4: Cardiokick + Kettlebell Standing Abs / Kettlebell class.
Friday, 7.27: Week 2, Day 5: Kettlebell Booty + Core / 3 miles.
Saturday, 7.28: Week 2, Day 6: Total Body Kettlebell / 2 miles.
Sunday, 7.29: Inside the Park Homerun 4-miler!!!

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!

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