Weekly Workouts [week 257]

Weekly Workouts [week 257]

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Super proud that I worked out every morning again this past week!! I'm on a roll :)

Week 257

Monday, 7.23: Week 2, Day 1: Kettlebell Combo--got this done with very little hesitation getting out of bed, I was ready for it!! Felt great :) Then ended the day with my usual Fit Barre class!

Tuesday, 7.24: Week 2, Day 2: Cardio Tabata--seriously contemplated not doing this early and just doing it after work....but I knew I would regret that. Sweated my A$$ off and it felt GREAT!! :) Then after work I ran 2.01 miles outside in 23:14--I wanted to go farther but it was hard to push myself tonight for some reason. Still I'm glad I did it!!

Wednesday, 7.25: Week 2, Day 3: Kettlebell Legs + Arms--I putzed around a little too much this morning so I only got in the Legs video before work (which was killer). After work I did the Arms portion, and then I ran outside with the intention of going 4 miles....but it was humid and I was cramping & bloated, so I listened to my body and only went 1.38 miles in 15:33 :-/ but I'm just glad I did something.

Thursday, 7.26: Week 2, Day 4: Cardiokick + Kettlebell Standing Abs--I really didn't love the Cardiokick video today. Might be because I can't jump around a lot being on the top floor of my building (well, I *could*, but that would be rude at 5:30 AM....). But I still worked up a sweat with both short videos! At Kettlebell class we did some different cardio intervals which really worked up extra sweat but felt great!

Friday, 7.27: Week 2, Day 5: Kettlebell Booty + Core--I got going a little later this morning BUT I still got it done :) I don't think I am working my core as much as I should, but this was a really good kickstart to my weekend.

Saturday, 7.28: Ran 1.66 miles around the block with my family dog in 17:27 which was one of my best runs I've had in a while!! Felt great to run with Slider :)

Sunday, 7.29: Ran the Inside the Park Homerun 4-miler with my dad at the Indians stadium!! I finished in 47:14 total, but it was only 3.72 miles according to my watch. Not terrible considering I had to walk UP the freaking ramps again but I'm happy with the time!


*My running this week was sluggish and frustrating. I would love to run in the mornings when my body isn't run down from the day but I just don't trust running outside alone that early in the dark. So I'll stick to after work, because I'm still getting it done which is what matters.

*Getting out of bed every morning to do my workouts is easier and easier. I mean, it's still hard, but it's easier to talk myself INTO it than OUT of it :)
*Ran the Inside the Park Homerun 4-miler at a pretty great pace before I got into the stadium and had to walk up the ramps, lol. It was a fun race!



Here's this week's schedule:

Week 258

Monday, 7.30: Week 3, Day 1: Kettlebell Strength + Cardio HIIT / Fit Barre class.
Tuesday, 7.31: Week 3, Day 2: Cardio Blast / 4.5 miles.
Wednesday, 8.1: Week 3, Day 3: Kettlebell Blast + Lovehandles / 4 miles.
Thursday, 8.2: Week 3, Day 4: Cardio HIIT / Kettlebell class.
Friday, 8.3: Week 3, Day 5: Kettlebell Full Body Burn + Cardio.
Saturday, 8.4: Week 3, Day 6: Kettlebell HIIT / 7 miles.
Sunday, 8.5: Yoga.

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!

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2018 Races: #9 - Inside the Park Homerun 4-Miler!

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