Weekly Workouts [week 258]

Weekly Workouts [week 258]

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Hit a morning workout again everyday last week!! I love my morning routines :)

Week 258

Monday, 7.30: Didn't sleep well/a lot last night so I skipped my morning workout today. But I still made it to Fit Barre class at night which kicked my BUTT!! I just pushed my morning challenge workouts back a day.

Tuesday, 7.31: Week 3, Day 1: Kettlebell Strength + Cardio HIIT--super proud that I got up and did this!! I haven't done these videos yet this week so they are all new and all exciting :) I wanted to run after work but it was pouring rain so I skipped it.

Wednesday, 8.1: Week 3, Day 2: Cardio Blast--cardio is always hard for me to do in the morning because I don't want to jump around and annoy my downstairs neighbors. But I got a great sweat going anyway!! After work I made it outside to run 2.42 miles even though it was raining a bit. Felt great!!

Thursday, 8.2: Week 3, Day 3: Kettlebell Blast + Lovehandles--I thankfully got this in even though I didn't think I had time (woke up earlier to make sure it got done). Another great workout! And after work I made it to my Kettlebell class for another great workout :)

Friday, 8.3:  Week 3, Day 5: Kettlebell Full Body Burn + Cardio--I switched it up and did this today instead of the Cardio HIIT because I knew I would be doing cardio tomorrow and just needed a break. But I was able to get this in a little later in the morning since I had a later start to my day which was nice!

Saturday, 8.4: Got my butt up and out of the door to run; I ran 5.02 miles in 1:01:25, which is not bad at all for not running more than 4 miles since early July, and before that it was May!!! So proud of myself :)

Sunday, 8.5: Decided to rest today, but also walked back and forth to the pool and played around in the pool while babysitting!


*Skipped my Tuesday run.

*I have some baby abs poking out and I am THRILLED!!! :-D
*Ran my 'long' run on Saturday and I'm so happy that I didn't give up!!!



Here's this week's schedule:

Week 259

Monday, 8.6: Week 4, Day 1: Kettlebell Full Body HIIT / Fit Barre class.
Tuesday, 8.7: Week 4, Day 2: Cardio Challenge / 2-3 miles.
Wednesday, 8.8: Week 4, Day 3: Kettlebell Cardio Core Workout / 3 miles.
Thursday, 8.9: Week 4, Day 4: Kettlebell Upper Body Blast + Pilates.
Friday, 8.10: Week 4, Day 5: Kettlebell Lower Body Blast + Bootcamp / 5 miles.
Saturday, 8.11: Week 4, Day 6: Kettlebell Burner / 7 miles.
Sunday, 8.12: Rest/travel.

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!

Weekly Workouts [week 259]

Weekly Workouts [week 259]

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