Weekly Workouts [week 259]

Weekly Workouts [week 259]

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Not a terrible week considering I was traveling at the end!! :)

Week 259

Monday, 8.6: Week 4, Day 1: Kettlebell Full Body HIIT--I had almost zero problem getting up to do this workout today! I love that my days start out this way now :) And I ended my day at Fit Barre Class which was killer even more because of the heat outside.

Tuesday, 8.7: Week 4, Day 2: Kettlebell Cardio Core Workout--woke up with a headache so decided to do this after work instead of early AM, which was probably a really smart idea!! I had to skip my run, but I'm OK with that. This humidity is killing me :(

Wednesday, 8.8: I had every intention of working out after I got to San Diego, but my boyfriend surprised me and came home early so he put a wrench in my plans....BUT A VERY VERY GOOD WRENCH :)

Thursday, 8.9: Got up early and ran 5.78 miles around a local lake with my boyfriend!! It was starting to get super hot by the end, but I'm so glad we did it!!! We finished in 1:17:35 because we walked a little in between. Felt great!!

Friday, 8.10: Week 4, Day 5: Kettlebell Cardio Challenge--I did this at my boyfriend's house because I didn't need equipment. BOY did it make me sweat!!! And then I ran/walked 1.25 miles to Starbucks to grab some breakfast :)

Saturday, 8.11: Ran 1.44 miles to the train station to grab our car from the night before! I am really proud of myself because I ran up ALL the hills and didn't stop to walk at all!! What a great start to the day :)

Sunday, 8.12: Rested since I traveled back to Michigan.


*Got a headache on Monday night that lasted through Tuesday--not fun. I readjusted my schedule because of it.

*Ran almost every day out in San Diego--really proud of myself for that!! :)


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Here's this week's schedule:

Week 260

Monday, 8.13: Week 1, Day 1: Lower Body / Fit Barre class.
Tuesday, 8.14: Week 1, Day 2: Upper Body / 3 miles.
Wednesday, 8.15: Week 1, Day 3: Cardio Sculpt / 5 miles.
Thursday, 8.16: Week 1, Day 4: Kettlebell Booty.
Friday, 8.17: Week 1, Day 5: Arms + Abs.
Saturday, 8.18: 9 miles.
Sunday, 8.19: Bodyweight workout.

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!

Weekly Workouts [week 260]

Weekly Workouts [week 260]

Weekly Workouts [week 258]

Weekly Workouts [week 258]