Weekly Workouts [week 260]

Weekly Workouts [week 260]

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I basically ignored running this week, but I think I needed a mental break and to catch up after my trip last weekend.

Week 260

Monday, 8.13: Skipped my morning workout but still made it to Fit Barre after work. I almost fell asleep at the end, I was tired!!!!

Tuesday, 8.14: Skipped my morning workout, again. I kept falling back asleep :( And I had a headache all day so I decided to skip my run and just did Kettlebell Upper Body Blast + Pilates instead, which was KILLER and great!! :)

Wednesday, 8.15: Got up early enough to do Kettlebell Lower Body Blast which was great! I sweat A LOT but it felt good. After work I finished the Bootcamp part of the workout instead of going running. Oh well!

Thursday, 8.16: Did a great Kettlebell Arms workout to rest my legs a little--had to do this at 4:30 because I had an early day but it was worth it!

Friday, 8.17: FINISHED the Kettlebell Challenge today with the Kettlebell Burner video!!! SUCH a great workout and I've got to remember this one to come back to when I need a solid total body workout!!! Super proud of myself for finishing and also finishing with only using a 15lb. bell today!!!

Saturday, 8.18: Ran 3.38 miles to the lake and back. It felt SO GREAT to run there again, and it was a little cooler today which made it nice!!

Sunday, 8.19: Got up early and ran 1.06 miles around the block with my dog before breakfast. I'm really glad I pushed to get up and go!


*My headache on Tuesday morning stopped me from doing a morning workout and really made me feel gross all day--I ate a little extra that day as well, which I didn't love.
*I slacked off on running like MAD this week, and I'm pissed that I did. I'm not going to get better or faster if I keep putting it off.

*Despite my headache on Tuesday, I pushed through and did a great upper body workout and I'm happy I was able to do something!
*Used only a 15lb. kettlebell for the burner workout on Friday morning--that was a CHALLENGE but it was awesome and I am SO proud of myself!!!



Here's this week's schedule:

Week 261

Monday, 8.20: Week 1, Day 1: Strength + Cardio HIIT / Fit Barre class.
Tuesday, 8.21: Week 1, Day 2: Cardio Tabata + Honeymoon Abs / 3 miles.
Wednesday, 8.22: Week 1, Day 3: Bodyweight HIIT + 10 min Standing Abs / Tabata class.
Thursday, 8.23: Week 1, Day 4: Cardio Blast + Pilates Legs & Butt.
Friday, 8.24: Week 1, Day 5: HIIT Workout / 5 miles.
Saturday, 8.25: 2 miles.
Sunday, 8.26: La Jolla End of Summer 4-Miler!

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!



Weekly Workouts [week 259]

Weekly Workouts [week 259]