Weekly Workouts [week 261]

Weekly Workouts [week 261]

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Starting a run streak and so far it's going pretty well!! Even though I'm still struggling with running outside, I'm pushing through.

Week 261

Monday, 8.20: Did Kettlebell Shred Workout in the morning--it was really great to get up and move!! After work I fit in a 1.03 mile run that felt like my whole body was revolting against me :( But I still did it. AND THEN I went to Fit Barre, lol. I just needed to push myself today.

Tuesday, 8.21: Didn't want to workout today, but I forced myself to do Kettlebell Standing Abs which was great!! Then after work I ran a 5K on the treadmill and it felt GREAT!!! I really needed to push myself. I ran that in 34:20, such a great time for how I've been feeling lately.

Wednesday, 8.22: Did a Kettlebell Combo workout this morning and it was awesome!! After work I packed for my trip but made it outside and ran 1.02 miles in 11:08. Better than Monday's outdoor run.

Thursday, 8.23: Made it to the gym early to get a run in since I don't have time later. Ran 1 mile on the treadmill in 10:51, that was with a 1 minute warm up...not bad! I also did a 5 minute Total Body Kettlebell workout!

Friday, 8.24: Didn't get to do a workout in the morning due to being at home, but I still ran 1.06 miles around the block with my dog after work. It was rough but I did it!

Saturday, 8.25: Ran outside with my boyfriend--we ran 3.29 miles total but took a break in between for a quick swim. It was really good, even up all the hills in San Diego!

Sunday, 8.26: Ran the End of Summer 4-miler from La Jolla to Pacific Beach with my boyfriend!!! We ran 4.02 miles in 44:20 which was really great time for me--he kept me going strong :)


*My run on Monday night was terrible. I really pushed myself, and I felt awful. I'm glad I did it, but I don't know why I keep struggling outside running so much.

*My run on Tuesday night at the gym was SO GOOD!! I am SO glad I pushed myself to run a full 5K--it reassured me that I'm still a badass runner :)
*Ran the End of Summer 4-miler in 44:20 which was GREAT!! It was fun to run a race in another state AND the first one with my favorite man :)


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Here's this week's schedule:

Week 262

Monday, 8.27: Abs+Booty / 2-3 miles.
Tuesday, 8.28: Wedding Cardio Jam / 3 miles.
Wednesday, 8.29: Wedding Dress Arms+Back / 5 miles.
Thursday, 8.30: Insanity Cardio + Love Handles.
Friday, 8.31: Standing Dumbbell Abs + 5 min Cardio / 6-8 miles.
Saturday, 9.1: 5 miles.
Sunday, 9.2: Hiking?

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!

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2018 Races: #10 - End of Summer 4 Mile Run!