Weekly Workouts [week 262]

Weekly Workouts [week 262]

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Very proud of myself for sticking to my fitness goals while I've been in California!!! :) This week is going to be a little odd, though, because of traveling. But I will make it work and want to CRUSH my half marathon!!!!

Week 262

Monday, 8.27: Took me a while to get going due to an early morning migraine, but then I was able to get a good 10 minute ab & booty workout in before heading out for a run. Ran 1.12 miles in 12:10--not too terrible for a midday run!

Tuesday, 8.28: Got up early and ran 2.91 miles in 34:57 with my boyfriend at a local mountain area. It was tough for me at some points going up the hills, but it was gorgeous and I'm so glad we went!

Wednesday, 8.29: Wedding Dress Arms+Back--I procrastinated this for a while, but then I FINALLY got up and did this great 20 minute workout--SO GOOD!!! Then I ran 1.34 miles outside in 14:20--not terrible considering there were tons of hills!!

Thursday, 8.30: Upper Body Blast Workout--oooooh boy. I only have 10lb. weights at Andy's place, and doing this workout I reeeeally wished I had 5's or 8's; it was HARD!!! BUT, I am SO proud of myself for doing it well--the more I push, the stronger I get, right?! And then I ran 1.63 miles in 18:20--it was a good run, I'm getting better at running the hills every day!!

Friday, 8.31: Standing Abs--really needed this today and it felt GOOD!! I love Bodyfit By Amy workouts, there's always something to fit your workout level every day :) Then I went for a 1.06 mile run outside in 10:40--my average mile time was 10:04!!!! It's one of my fastest times and I am THRILLED!!!

Saturday, 9.1: Didn't do anything else today except for Zip Lining! It wasn't a workout, but it was a lot of fun :)

Sunday, 9.2: Walked TONS around Universal Studios in Hollywood!!!


*I had a pity party at the end of my run on Tuesday. I was mad at myself for not running fast enough and not finishing strong like I knew I could. I don't know why I was struggling, but it wasn't fun and I felt bad because I took it out on Andy a little--he was so sweet trying to tell me I did great and I just blew him off :( Definitely not a proud moment for me.
*Skipped Saturday & Sunday runs.

*I am continuing my run streak pretty strong, and I am PROUD of it!!! I may not be the fastest runner, or the strongest, but I am a runner and I need to remember to be PROUD of every run!!!
*I have been motivated to push through and finish my AFAA Certification!! I spent several hours reading & studying while in San Diego this week--I also scheduled my exam for when I am home next. I am REALLY excited!!!! :)



Here's this week's schedule:

Week 263

Monday, 9.3: Kettlebells / 5 miles.
Tuesday, 9.4: Kettlebells / 3 miles.
Wednesday, 9.5: 1 mile.
Thursday, 9.6: 1 mile / Kettlebell class.
Friday, 9.7: 2 miles.
Saturday, 9.8: 1 mile.

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!

Weekly Workouts [week 263]

Weekly Workouts [week 263]

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