Weekly Workouts [week 263]

Weekly Workouts [week 263]

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Week 263

Monday, 9.3: Didn't feel the greatest all day, but I walked 1.63 miles around a local lake with my boyfriend. It was good to get out and moving.

Tuesday, 9.4: Ran 4.03 miles around a local lake with my boyfriend in 47:50--it was a little tough for me towards the end with my breathing, but I'm glad I didn't give up.

Wednesday, 9.5: Rested today, no running.

Thursday, 9.6: Got up early and did a quick 10-minute Kettlebell burner workout, which felt really great to get done. Then after work I went to Kettlebell Fire class--they changed the format of my weekly class where it's now a 45-minute Tabata style class. I didn't mind it, but my first class back after about a month was just rough.

Friday, 9.7: Kettlebell Circuits--this was a new workout I tried from Bodyfit By Amy and it was GREAT!! 3 circuits of 4 exercises in each circuit; HIIT intervals. Really great and challenging!!

Saturday, 9.8: Skipped any kind of workout, but helped at NEOCycle bike event all afternoon into the evening.

Sunday, 9.9: Had to skip my planned half marathon today because of poor weather....which really, really sucked :(


*I struggled through my Kettlebell Fire class on Thursday night, and then I got McDonald's for dinner. I just needed a break to not think or care about health for a little bit.
*Didn't run the River Run Half Marathon due to poor weather. Really not my best thoughts, but it was probably good in the end.

*Got back into working out after being in San Diego for a while, which felt good!



Here's this week's schedule:

Week 264

Monday, 9.10: Kettlebell Booty / 1 mile / Fit Barre Class.
Tuesday, 9.11: Kettlebell Arms / 1 mile.
Wednesday, 9.12: Cardio Challenge + Kettlebell Love Handles / 1 mile.
Thursday, 9.13: Upper Body Blast / 1 mile.
Friday, 9.14: Kettlebell Lower Body / 1 mile.
Saturday, 9.15: Stretch + Tone Class / 1 mile.
Sunday, 9.16: Barre Class.

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!

Weekly Workouts [week 264]

Weekly Workouts [week 264]

Weekly Workouts [week 262]

Weekly Workouts [week 262]