Weekly Workouts [week 264]

Weekly Workouts [week 264]

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Week 264

Monday, 9.10: Kettlebell Booty—did a great booty workout this morning!! Then after work I went to Fit Barre Class—it was a different instructor, which was different but a great class nonetheless!

Tuesday, 9.11: Kettlebell Arms—got started a little late with this in the morning, but it was a GREAT workout!! Traveled to Ohio and after dinner I ran xxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 9.12: Got up and made it to the gym for an early morning run! Ran 2 miles on the treadmill in 20:50—NO WALKING!! Super happy with that! Then I did about 5 minutes of ab work.

Thursday, 9.13: Did another early morning run—2 miles in 21:17, a little slower but still GREAT!!!

Friday, 9.14: Upper Body Blast—switched and did Upper Body today instead of Lower Body which I thought was a good idea, and it was!! Felt great to sweat and push my arms again :)

Saturday, 9.15: Stretch + Tone Class—I hadn’t been to this class in over a year and it kicked my booty!!! But then a few hours after they class I got some major pain in my left shoulder and think I pulled a muscle :(

Sunday, 9.16: Barre Class—this was a special class at a local brewery and it was SO fun!! We got a Beermosa after ;) But my shoulder still hurt so I tried not to push it.


*I did something to my shoulder after working out on Saturday and it really hurt a LOT. I decided to lay low next week if I can.

*I didn’t walk AT ALL in my treadmill run on Wednesday!!! It’s been a while since I felt that good during a run. Really happy with that.



Here's this week's schedule:

Week 265

Monday, 9.17: Kettlebell Booty / 1 mile / Fit Barre Class.
Tuesday, 9.18: Kettlebell Arms / 1 mile.
Wednesday, 9.19: Cardio Challenge + Kettlebell Love Handles / 1 mile.
Thursday, 9.20: Upper Body Blast / 1 mile.
Friday, 9.21: Kettlebell Lower Body / 1 mile.
Saturday, 9.22: Stretch + Tone Class / 1 mile.
Sunday, 9.23: Barre Class.

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!

5 Second Rule.

5 Second Rule.

Weekly Workouts [week 263]

Weekly Workouts [week 263]