Weekly Workouts [week 265]

Weekly Workouts [week 265]

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Today I am going to start the Kettebell 4-Week Challenge from Bodyfit By Amy again! It won’t be perfect since I have to change up a few days next week, but it’ll get me into a good routine again and I am looking forward to it!

Week 265

Monday, 9.17: Because my shoulder was still hurting, I decided to rest it today and not do any strength training. Instead, I ran 2.59 miles outside after work in 30:42!!! It felt GREAT to get out and run!

Tuesday, 9.18: Rested my shoulder again today to make sure it was feeling a lot better before moving into anything more.

Wednesday, 9.19: Kettlebell Core—very happy that I got up and did this today!! I took a little easy on my shoulder and I still felt OK by the end so I’m happy with that. After work I went to a new workout class: Total Body Bar—HOLY COWWWWW….it was a TOUGH class but it was also amazing!!! I definitely want to go back again!!

Thursday, 9.20: Rested this morning because my shoulder was sore. But after work I still made it to Kettlebell Fire which was great!!

Friday, 9.21: Kettlebell Burn—felt great to do a good workout before a long day of meetings & driving!!

Saturday, 9.22: Skipped—walked around Put-in-Bay.

Sunday, 9.23: Rested.


*My shoulder pain really affected my workouts earlier in the week.
*Skipped my weekend workouts.

*Running outside on Monday night felt incredibly freeing. I am so glad that I ran outside and didn’t feel bad about missing a class!



Here's this week's schedule:

Week 266

Monday, 9.24: Kettlebell Workout / Fit Barre Class.
Tuesday, 9.25: Bodyweight HIIT / 3 miles.
Wednesday, 9.26: Kettlebell Shred Workout / Tabata Class.
Thursday, 9.27: Cardio Tabata AND Kettlebell Abs.
Friday, 9.28: HIIT Workout / 6 miles.
Saturday, 9.29: Rest.
Sunday, 9.30: 4 miles.

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!

Running and balance.

Running and balance.

5 Second Rule.

5 Second Rule.