Weekly Workouts [week 266]

Weekly Workouts [week 266]

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Most of this week was good, but not passing my exam on Saturday really threw me for a loop over the weekend. At least I still have time to retake it and study harder!!

Week 266

Monday, 9.24: Kettlebell Workout—Got back into my morning workouts today which felt great!! Then I went to Fit Barre class after work and really pushed myself. Not a terrible day!

Tuesday, 9.25: Skipped my morning workout, but went to the gym after work and ran 2 miles on the treadmill in 21:23!!!

Wednesday, 9.26: Kettlebell Shred Workout—My right knee was bothering me this morning, but I still crushed my workout!! I only used the 15lb. bell today and that is a huge win!!! After work I went to Total Body Bar class again which was rough but so good!!

Thursday, 9.27: Cardio Tabata AND Kettlebell Abs—I almost didn’t do the Cardio Tabata, but I did them BOTH and I’m glad I did! Always good to get my sweat on before work.

Friday, 9.28: Kettlebell Burn—there’s something great about waking up early to get a great workout in before heading into a crazy day of work :) Definitely thankful I got this in early!!!

Saturday, 9.29: Was going to rest because I was in a crappy mood, but instead I pushed myself to run 4.01 miles outside in 45:50. It was a gorgeous day and I’m so thankful for this run!!!

Sunday, 9.30: Rested today instead.


*I didn’t pass my AFAA Group Fitness Instructor exam. I am able to retake it, no biggie, but I was very down on myself about it on Saturday.

*Used only the 15lb. bell in my workout on Wednesday and just felt great!!!
*Ran outside on Saturday to get rid of stress and it was wonderful!!!



Here's this week's schedule:

Week 267

Monday, 10.1: Kettlebell Workout / Fit Barre Class.
Tuesday, 10.2: Bodyweight HIIT / 3 miles.
Wednesday, 10.3: Kettlebell Shred Workout / Total Body Bar Class.
Thursday, 10.4: Cardio Tabata AND Kettlebell Abs.
Friday, 10.5: HIIT Workout.
Saturday, 10.6: 6-8 miles.
Sunday, 10.7: Hiking.

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!

Being proud of my accomplishments.

Being proud of my accomplishments.

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