Weekly Workouts [week 267]

Weekly Workouts [week 267]

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Overall this wasn’t a terrible week, and it was the start of #Last90Days challenge!! Check out the post I wrote and see my goals for the rest of this year :)

Week 267

Monday, 10.1: Kettlebell Combo—great morning workout!! Then finished out the day at Fit Barre class which rocked as usual!

Tuesday, 10.2: Skipped my morning workout because I felt like I was getting sick so I took it easy. But after work I made it to the gym and ran 3 miles in 33:03!! Not bad for having a belly full of sushi :)

Wednesday, 10.3: Kettlebell Arms—switched it up today due to sleeping in a bit so I was short on time, but I really pushed it with the arms this morning!! After work I made it to the Total Body Bar class again which was tough and awesome :)

Thursday, 10.4: Skipped/traveled.

Friday, 10.5: Ran/walked 1.33 miles in 22:50 down the street to get some Starbucks! It was a nice, cool, cloudy morning to do it so I felt great. And then I did a killer Lower Body Blast workout from Bodyfit By Amy!! So good :)

Saturday, 10.6: Ran 3.04 miles around a new lake with my boyfriend in 35:03! Not too bad, and then I ended the day with cold brew :)

Sunday, 10.7: Ran 5.76 miles around my favorite San Diego lake in 1:11:24—not terrible considering I walked a ton!


*My right knee started acting up with tendonitis again this week which reeeeally sucked. It just keeps cramping up and it’s uncomfortable.

*My 3 mile run on Tuesday night was GREAT!! Definitely pushed it at times but I’m so so so glad I went to the gym.



Here's this week's schedule:

Week 268

Monday, 10.8: Rest.
Tuesday, 10.9: Kettlebell Strength + Cardio HIIT / 3 miles.
Wednesday, 10.10: Kettlebell Blast + Love Handles / 6 miles.
Thursday, 10.11: Cardio HIIT / Kettlebell Fire class.
Friday, 10.12: Kettlebell Full Body Burn + Cardio
Saturday, 10.13: 8-10 miles.
Sunday, 10.14: Rest.

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!

Let's just stop with the comparison, mmk?

Let's just stop with the comparison, mmk?

Being proud of my accomplishments.

Being proud of my accomplishments.