Weekly Workouts [week 269]

Weekly Workouts [week 269]

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Week One of LIIFT4 is DONE—I am really happy with my decision to go back to Beachbody so far!!!! I know I need to up my weights some more, so I might start heading back to the gym in the mornings when I need to get to that point soon.

ALSO!!!! Yesterday I ran my 12th half marathon, the Detroit Free Press International Half, and it was GREAT!!!!! I’ll post more about it later this week!

Week 269

Monday, 10.15: Week 1, Day 1: Chest+Triceps (50/50)—I am back to Beachbody and I remember why I love it! Today was really easy, though. Almost too easy with my weights. I need to up my weights for sure. And then I went to my weekly Fit Barre class which truly kicked my butt—we used a new band and my legs were shaking all night!!!

Tuesday, 10.16: Week 1, Day 2: Back+Biceps (Circuit)—After last night, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel today. I am sore, but it’s a good sore that I haven’t felt in a LONG time!! Makes me realize that I just wasn’t pushing myself like I used to before. This morning I used my 10lb. weights which was really good! It was a gorgeous sunny cool fall day, so after work I ran my 3.08 miles outside instead of at the gym, and I am SO HAPPY that I did that!!! Finished in 34:59 and I felt really great!!!

Wednesday, 10.17: Recovery day—it was so great to just rest today. I didn’t do anything before work, but when I got home I went to the gym and ran 2 miles on the treadmill in 21:20 WITHOUT WALKING!!! I felt really great :)

Thursday, 10.18: Week 1, Day 3: Shoulders (Intervals)—Woke up with a headache, but I still managed to get this intense workout done! Then I went to Kettlebell Fire class after work; always a killer class!

Friday, 10.19: Week 1, Day 4: Legs (HIIT)—Wasn’t sure how my legs would handle this, but thankfully it was a GOOD morning workout!!

Saturday, 10.20: Rested.

Sunday, 10.21: Ran the DETROIT FREEPRESS INTERNATIONAL HALF MARATHON today in 2:47:58!! Not a PR but definitely a GREAT race :-D


*Almost got hit by a car on Tuesday night—it was sunny & I was being careful checking my surroundings, but the girl zoomed up out of a parking lot without looking & barely missed me as I was crossing the entrance. Still gives me jitters thinking about it, but I am VERY thankful I missed that.

*I am feeling SORE which I haven’t felt in a long time—it’s a great feeling!!!
*I need to increase my weights, and THAT is really awesome to know how strong I am getting!! :)
*Ran my 12th half marathon on Sunday!!! It was really a great race, other than my lower back giving me issues at the end. I’m so so so glad I got the chance to run it!!!

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Here's this week's schedule:

Week 270

Monday, 10.22: Rest & Recovery / Fit Barre class.
Tuesday, 10.23: Week 2, Day 1: Chest+Triceps (50/50).
Wednesday, 10.24: Week 2, Day 2: Back+Biceps (Circuit) / Total Body Bar class.
Thursday, 10.25: Week 2 Day 3: Shoulders (Intervals) / Kettlebell Fire class.
Friday, 10.26: Week 2, Day 4: Legs (HIIT).
Saturday, 10.27: Rest & Recovery.
Sunday, 10.28: Rest & Recovery.

How was your week? What are your goals for next week?
Make it a great one!

2018 Races: #11 - Detroit Freepress International Half Marathon!

2018 Races: #11 - Detroit Freepress International Half Marathon!

Stronger than you think.

Stronger than you think.