Deployment Goals.

Deployment Goals.


I started this blog primarily to be focused on fitness, but it's important to me to weave some personal stuff back into here from time to time. Over the past year, I've realized that my fitness has directly correlated to what is happening in my life (i.e. when I get stressed, I either stop working out or go overboard), so it makes sense to understand what my life is looking like when I enter a new "phase" of fitness.

Right now, my life/thoughts are being consumed by DEPLOYMENT. My boyfriend is a Pilot in the Navy--he was gone for several months earlier this year and leaves soon for another round of training/deployment for several weeks. Which stinks, because since we are already long distance it means we still won't see each other for a while again :( I am 100% committed to him and support him always, but it definitely puts stress & sadness into my life more than I had before.

HOWEVER!! I've learned that channeling this stress & sadness into fitness makes things a LOT better! I tried to do that for the first deployment but got sidetracked. I am more determined to make changes this time around because I know it will help distract me more.


A few months ago, my friend Carolann sent me a sweet card with that picture inside. On the back, it has "Deployment Goals" written on the top with blank lines to the bottom. I kept it blank & it's been hanging on my fridge because I had a feeling I would need it in the future & wanted it visible, so I decided to fill it out before this next adventure! Because we don't live together I can't really focus on goals related to a house or anything like that, so most of my goals are related to fitness. Here is what I came up with:

Deployment Goals

1) Finish my AFAA Certification. I really feel that getting my Group Fitness Certification is going to help my motivation & will give me something great to focus on! I have 10 more chapters to go.

2) Get CPR Certified. This is a requirement of my AFAA Certification so I figured I should go get this done within the next few weeks anyway.

3) Attempt a run streak. I have to get my motivation back for running. I've missed the great feeling of being excited to go for a run and proud of what I accomplished. So I'm hoping that I can run every day even just a little bit.

4) Stay in a macro cut & get consistent. A week before he'll be home, I will start to go into maintenance mode....but I really want to focus on getting better at cutting macros. I can count them but I haven't really been great at it.

5) Transfer all old pictures off my phone to computer. I have soooo many pictures on my phone. And while I have enough storage for it, it bothers me that I have to scroll through hundreds of photos just to find pictures from an event. I won't transfer all of them, but there are ones I just don't need anymore and want to save them. I have to go all the way back to last June (I know, I know....) so it's going to take me some time to do this, especially since my laptop is slower than molasses. Wish me luck!

6) Do a pull-up. I have been trying to do this for 6 months. I figure I should probably try harder now!!

7) Do 10 push-ups & 1 minute planks every day. This will help with my goal to getting that pull-up in, and just continue to make me stronger!!

8) Read 1 book. OK....I know this might seem like a small goal to some, but I have struggled for quite some time to just turn off the TV and read a book for fun. Especially when I'm having a bad day--I just want to watch something mindless and forget about everything for a while. But I have a list of books I'd like to crack into, so if I can finish even just ONE of them I will be happy!!

I'll check back in a few weeks to update you all on how I am handling the deployment as well as how close I am to completing these goals! :)

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