Sick of it.

Sick of it.

I’ve written many times in the past about how I’m in a rut or I’m in a funk and I find some way to get out of it, blah blah blah. Today I am writing to say that I am once again getting out of a rut/funk. And I’m 100% motivated to do something about it. 


Sick of the excuses
Sick of constantly feeling fluffy
Sick of looking at my body and constantly finding something wrong with it.  
Sick of not believing people when they tell me I look beautiful (including my boyfriend, who tells me that almost everyday, because he’s amazing).  

I am annoyed that I’ve let myself fall behind this much. Last year at this time I was running almost everyday and remember feeling GOOD about everything! I was seeing changes in my body that I loved, and I was making those changes in a healthy way. Now, the only changes I really see are that my calves are super toned and look GREAT—which I’m pretty proud of, let me tell you ;)

But, lately, I’ve skipped my workouts. I’ve indulged in treats almost every night. I’ve splurged on sugary coffee drinks weekly. All things I tried to stop earlier this year. 

And I am mad at myself for it. 

I wish I knew what triggered this.
I could blame being stressed. I could blame not getting enough sleep. I could blame work. I could blame emotions of missing my boyfriend. I could blame an erratic schedule.

But the truth is I am just lazy right now. And maybe I’ve needed this burn out period to realize what I deserve or know what I’m capable of. I DON'T KNOW. All I do know is that something needs to change before I completely lose motivation all together.

And it begins now.  

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Weekly Workouts [week 256]

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Weekly Workouts [week 255]