Be kind to the newbies.

Be kind to the newbies.


It's January 17 and the gyms are still packed with the "newbies". If you've been going to a gym consistently, you might be frustrated that the treadmills are full or the weights and machines are all being used, and you have to adjust your workout or the time of day that you go. You've probably even uttered the phrase "I can't wait until people give up on their new years' resolutions”.

I GET IT. But you know what else I get even more? Being one of the newbies.


January 2012 is when I started the Couch to 5K program. It’s when I started to take my fitness and health seriously. I went to the local rec center every morning or afternoon and ran around the track or on the elliptical (wasn’t into the treadmill quite yet). I did some machines when I got the courage to try them out so I could build up some muscle.

I was a newbie once. AND SO WERE YOU.

Do you remember how it felt to walk into the gym for the first time?
Do you remember how intimidating it was to try a new machine?
Do you remember thinking that everyone was looking at you and judging every move you made?
You might think “I never used to be that way”, but I am almost certain you’re wrong—everyone had to start SOMEWHERE!

Those are scary feelings that plenty of people are feeling right now, and every day that they try something new. It is SCARY to do something you’ve never done before, or even to start again. When you don’t look like the ‘perfect fitness model’ it’s even harder—even though we need to scrap the idea of perfect altogether.

All I’m saying is that if YOU are one of the people getting frustrated with new people trying new things….GIVE THOSE PEOPLE SOME GRACE!! Let them try out the machines. Let them walk on the treadmills. Let them use the weights. If you see someone struggling, offer to help show them how to use something properly—ASK first if they need some help, but that’s such a kind thing I’m sure some people would greatly appreciate it.

And if you are one of the “newbies”, YOU ARE DOING GREAT!! You took a step towards a goal that you set for yourself and THAT is incredible! You may be walking into the gym thinking that everyone is looking at you like you have a blinking sign over your head saying I’M NEW HERE…but you don’t, and they probably aren’t thinking that at all. And who cares if they are?! YES it’s intimidating, and YES it’s hard when you don’t know all the machines or other things to do besides the bike or treadmill, but don’t be afraid to ask the front desk for help—that’s what they are there for. BE PROUD of starting something new or even starting over—every great decision in our lives is made because we took a chance, and this is your chance to make the changes you want to make!


Basically, BE KIND TO EVERYONE—you truly don’t know why they are in the gym at that moment or what pushed them to get there. Chances are that, yes, the crowds will get lighter as the months go on but until then please just be a good person and respect everyone in and out of the gym!

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